Friday, January 6, 2012

Hobby Lobby Goodies & Our Title Page

Project Life is in full swing! I am having so much fun with it! This week I have been doing my PL stuff a day at a time. Taking a picture and a story each day and doing it at the end of the night. It has been working really well for me right now and I'm hoping to keep up with this system. I'm sure some weeks I'll have to just collect and do it all at the end of the week though.

Hobby Lobby Goodness

I ran into Hobby Lobby today, and mannn I can just get lost in there. Today I picked up a 12x12 storage box to keep my loose papers in as well as my stamps and ink pads. Its not the prettiest thing, but it was only $6.99 plus a 40% off coupon, and it will work great!

I also am planning on doing a PL style album for my daughter, as well as for my wedding. So while I was shopping I picked up some papers, stickers, and some stamps.

Title Page

I think I have redone my title page 203823x by now. Buttt I think I finally have it just how I want it!

The top row has a picture of all 3 of us from this summer, and then next to that I used a page from a paper set that I have. I typed our name out on a neutral looking page of scrap paper and then punched a hole in the top. I tied my bow with leftover twine from our Thanksgiving turkey. (haha)

In the middle, I have individual pictures of the 3 of us ( I am thinking about redoing Peytons picture, I know I have one of her cute smile that will work!) and then I also added a little piece of paper with all of our ages at the beginning of 2012!

The Bottom row, I used the same piece of paper as from the top, and then a neutral piece of scrap paper to print 2012 on it. I used some funky scissors to cut it down the middle, and then added a strand of adhesive pearls.  The last picture on the title page is of the three of us from our wedding. I looove that picture :)

I'm excited to update later with week 1! I love how its coming together!

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