Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week Two!

I really love how this week turned out visually! I had a lot of fun playing with my new Ali Edwards brushes!

Potty Training!

I added the weather feed from Tuesday--one of our last unusual days--if you skip to next week you see we got our first snow storm!

We had a 3 man band, playing Peyton's favorite song "Tonight Tonight" !

I saved the fortune cookies from Colin and I's lunch date!

Peyton colored on the walls while Colin vacuumed, haha!

Our first snow storm!

I'm also using PL to jot down the funnies Peyton says! This week I put in her new favorite saying ' Its magic!' 

and then a Silly quote from when we were all trying to go to bed. It was so funny and random of her, we were cracking up, and I didnt want to forget it!

If I don't add them weekly, then I want to do a large spread of all the funny things she says either weekly or biweekly!

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